About Us

Excellent Events & Entertainment (Triple-E) Private Limited is a leading full-service event management and marketing company with over 2 decades of professional experience in customizing event strategies and developing business relations with various multinational companies and government institutions to execute the events in the best manner.

We customize event strategies to match our client’s goal, budget, and manpower resources. Apart from managing events of our corporate clients, we have the specialty of organizing our own events, from concept, sales & marketing, advertising & PR till the Final execution.

Triplee Karachi Fashion Week

Our Culture


At Excellent Events & Entertainment, we believe in creating equal opportunities for our employees and give them a chance to hone their skills in the industry. We are focused on our commitment of creating a team of industry-leading professionals expert at providing the best services while meeting their expectations and budget.

Our Visions


Since our inception, we have been making all-out efforts to serve our valuable clients in the best manner while providing them maximum satisfaction in each service we provide. Our vision is to take our events to a whole new level where we are able to meet our success goals.

Our Team


We pride ourselves on having a result oriented, competent and dedicated team expert at delivering exceptional value to customers’ needs. Our strength lies in our enthusiastic and highly motivated staff, who along with competent managers in the lead, work together effectively and positively to deliver exceptional performance with true values. Each of our team member is experienced in the industry, dedicated, highly passionate, and focused on their objectives.

Arshad Siddiqui

Founder & CEO

Arshad Siddiqui


Triple-E’s CEO Arshad Siddiqui has over two decades of experience in Sales & Marketing, Advertising & PR, and Event Management, working with world-renowned businesses and organizations.


“I established this firm with just one objective in mind; to provide the best and second-to-none services to every client. My team has been working tirelessly to fulfill our objective. I feel proud having an incredible team who is focused, dedicated, and hard-working.”

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